Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Really sorry but I have to take a break...

I've had my whole life collapse around me and I need to do a lot more internal soul searching before I will be able to blog on here. Thanks to the new followers, I hope to be back in not too long but I can't promise anything. It depends when I'm ready.

Take care x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Another telepathy date...failure to connect

We totally missed the mark this time, but we tried a new technique, so it's interesting - perhaps we are narrowing down what works and what doesn't.

This time, to try and connect with each other, we each looked at something meaningful that we'd given to each other as a way of trying to connect our energies before going into 'transmitting/receiving' mode. I looked at a picture that my friend had bought for me, that had been painted by her cousin, and she looked at a card I had made for her with a mandala on it. So we both meditated on these items for five minutes before we did the telepathy.

Our results were decidedly lacking. As the transmitter, I envisioned a cheque (for lots of money, which I am in the process of manifesting with the law of attraction which is a whole 'nother post, and no, I am not money driven, but I have come to believe that as all is one in this universe, God is present in everything 'man' has created and nothing is either bad or good. I have also realised that to ask is fine, as it is not taking from others, and that is when money is bad...). My friend didn't pick up on this at all.

She was picturing a lightbulb, and the closest I came could be considered interesting, or it could be clutching at straws. Who knows? You decide... But there was one point during the meditation when I saw a bright light in the corner of my vision, and I had an 'ah ha' moment - I thought I was about to get an image, but nothing came. I didn't write down light as I didn't realise that the light itself could have been the vision. Although, the slight catch is that, my friend was seeing a lightbulb on its own, not on! So yes, I may have been clutching at straws.

The only other thing I saw amongst several things that were totally wrong was a gun, which I wrote down despite the thought that there was no way my friend would choose that as her object, being a pacifist. It did turn out however that she'd walked past a gun shop that day (and living in the UK, I don't think I've ever seen one in my life - in fact, I've never seen a real gun or a real gun shop!!! Except maybe on some guards at an airport once...). So perhaps there were a couple of significant things...but not too much to shout about. I guess we're better at connecting in the head than with objects, which is funny, as 'psychics' often want something from the person to feel their energy, so I thought that looking at meaningul pictures would help the process. Interesting.  

Friday, 29 January 2010

Miraculous Telepathy!!

I had to report on our latest telepathy experiment, which we did last night, as it produced some amazing results! Firstly, we had set the date a few dyas before and neither of us wanted to check that the other person was there doing it too, since it had been so interesting when I had forgotten and my friend had felt this absence. This time, we were both there, and we both felt that connection and felt sure that the other person was doing it too.

The first time we did this, I picked up what my friend was transmitting, but not the other way round, and again the results were the same way round this time. It seems that I am a born receiver and she is a born transmittor, but we certainly need to work on the reverse! When I was transmitting, I pictured a scarf, and she picked up three things: a washing machine, a pin and an armchair! Nothing but the most tenuous link to something textile related to report from that side.

But the other way around was VERY interesting. I saw so many things, I thought they couldn't possibly have come from my friend. It went through a list of images in this order: a circle, then I saw it emanating with lines from it like the sun, then I realised I was seeing a lollipop - the old-fashioned typed that is a flat circle with a big colourful spiral, Willy Wonka style, a rabbit, newspaper, boat - I was torn between a yacht or a galleon, a loaf of bread, a swing, a ladder, an orange and a tulip. As I read them out to my friend, we were totally gobsmacked. I thought maybe a couple might be relevant, but here's what she said about each item:

  • Circle: she was seeing a mug, so I guess I got the shape right!
  • Sun: nothing.
  • Lollipop: this was the most amazing of them all. A friend had bought her an old style lollipop for her birthday, of the brightly coloured old fashioned spiral type, which she had eaten just half an hour before our telepathy date! The funny thing is, I'd been to visit at the weekend (before she'd been given the lollipop so I knew nothing of it) and a guy had given us a lollipop each, but it was the small round type. So if I was going to picture a lollipop, in connection with the two of us, I think if it had been conscious I would have pictured that type - there is no reason why the old type should have entered my head, and I even dismissed it at the time thinking there's no way she would pick that as her random object but the image was quite persistent so I made a note of it!
  • Rabbit: she had actually seen a poster for a lost rabbit that day, and had pictured one but dismissed it as something I was transmitting. Since she received first, this means the rabbit had flashed into her mind during those previous five minutes before I then tried to pick up what she was focussing on.
  • Newspaper: She had been reading through it for jobs and been sat at a table with the paper but I know this one could be coincidence.
  • Boat: she had been to a harbour that day (she doesn't live by one).
  • Bread: tenuous this one, she had eaten a roll!!
  • Swing: She had walked past a park earlier.
  • Ladder: That morning, her housemate had had the ladder out to get into the loft.
  • Orange: Nothing.
  • Tulip: She had been sat opposite a flower shop that day but hadn't noticed tulips in particular.
So yes, I failed to pick up on her transmission, but I am amazed that I seemed to pick up on her entire day in five minute flashes, and I'm gobsmacked by the image of the lollipop.

It makes me question exactly what is going on here - whether it's telepathy or some kind of tuning in to the energy or the memory of the day. I feel like we're learning more every time we do it though, and I'm finding it so exciting. It certainly confirms for me my feeling of interconnectedness.

Seeing Signs to Clear Away the Confusion

I thought it's time I started posting about the signs I have begun to see everywhere. But first, a quick bit of background because there's been a long spiritual journey that as yet remains unblogged.

Basically, I have come to embrace four main philosophies of late:
  • That we are all connected, all one, and separateness is an illusion
  • To trust my intuitiion, because I feel it is the part of me that allows me to connect with the rest of the world and the universe.
  • That any spiritual force/god/being can be accessed via my intuition/meditation or any inner connection within me and that this is the route to all of my understanding and is much more vital than reading or gaining outside knowledge.
  • A faith in 'cosmic ordering' - i.e., having faith, asking for things from the universe and finidng that they seem to materialize. I see this as different from 'manifestation', which I have lost faith in. The reason being that I see manifestation as using visualisation/hypnosis type techniques to convince your subconscious to go out and get something for you. I have tried this lots before with little success, and can't help but think that it's actually down to something more magical and spiritual than my own subconscious. Another key difference is that I believe you can ask and then forget about it and it will come, whereas I believe manifestation requires a lot of repeated visualisation and focussing on it.
So, that's where I was at, when I started to have a spiritual crisis the other day. Because I had become so open to all of this, I had bought a spiritual magazine, and was reading articles on angels and saints and such things. Now, the stories to me seemed to have something in them - I'm not inclined to think EVERYONE is making this stuff up, so I think there must be something in it, but it didn't sit right with me. It seemed far too specific, having the names of angels and saints who provide different support. To me, it doesn't fit with my belief to trust my intuition and the connection that I feel instinctivelyt lies within me. I've never really been one to believe in praying to different saints or that kind of thing.

Consequently, I had a rather inspiring experience two days ago. I was driving home from work and decided to ask the universe for help understanding. So I asked who I should be talking to - saints, angels, spirits or the universe. Within a minute or two at the most, a lorry pulled out into the traffic jam I was sat in, and it had one word in big letters down the side: 'GO D'. It was meant to say 'GOLD' but the 'L' had fallen off! I felt like this instantly cleared everything up for me.

And as I explain how I now see things, I think it's important to clarify what the word 'God' means to me. Although I'm from a Christian background, to me God has always been a figure that yes, I can pray to, but I do not necessarily see him as the man in the Bible. To me, I feel again that the teaching should come from within me, not from anything that's written in the Bible, unless I feel it's true. I have always seen God as more of a vague spiritual entity than the specific form seen in the Bible, so to me, this was not a call to commit to orthodox Christian views.

What it meant to me was that I was being given clarification to go directly to the central force - and for me the word God and the Universe are interchangeable - and that when I try to develop my spirituality, that is who I need to be communicating with. It was a reminder to stay on the track I had been on and not to get lost in the world of finding out who to communicate with, be it saints or angels. I can't deny that there seems to be something in it with those stories of angels, but for me, I now see it as that might be one way that God (the universe) might communicate with us, but I don't think I need to go through them - I need to go directly to God, which I reach through my intuition. I've also come to realise that although I'm seeing signs everywhere, I shouldn't strive to reach them, as I can get all my answers from tuning into my intuition. I feel the signs are there when there is a need for clarification or support beyond what I have been able to pick up via intuition, so they are an extra, but not the core of where my beliefs and guidance comes from. But it does make me feel very supported to have received such an answer.

A friend told me this relates to the philosophy of pantheism, and has lent me a copy of Tolstoy, 'The Kingdom of God is Within You' to read. The title alone suits my philosophy and I will report back on the book in due course!


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Drawing a Blank...

Well, we had some very interesting results from our latest telepathy experiment, namely because I ended up finishing work quite late, then going food shopping, so I completely missed the date! But it was worth it because my friend said she noticeably drew a blank. She said that she sat there, ready to 'receive' and felt she was getting nothing! Whereas last time, she had lots of images flashing up, even though they weren't correct, she said that this time, she really felt she wasn't getting anything and was aware that anything that came into her mind had come from her own consciousness.

I asked her if she had expected I would forget, as I can be a bit scatty at times, but she said no, because I'm really into doing these experiments, she had fully expected me to be there doing it with her, but had then begun to wonder as a result if I wasn't there.

It has made me wonder if in fact we may definitely have something with this telepathy thing, and maybe we've not learned HOW to do it properly, but there is certainly a connection there and in some way or another, she did pick up random images that weren't there the first time. I'm wondering if it's my own ability to 'transmit' - I was much more successful at picking up her ideas than sending mine. I think if we continue to work on getting in tune, there could really be something to this...

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Firstly, let me start by saying welcome to our blog! I know there's not much here now but I promise this will be an involved and regularly updated little piece of spirituality, and I hope that it will become inspiring to all those who follow.

This came about as a result of an experiment that we have carried out today into telepathy. We have both been reading no end about the interconnected nature of the world, and about the idea of separateness being an illusion. I very much feel this is true, and, as two close friends who quite often have found we have picked up signs and omens for each other since becoming much more open to the world, it seemed like a good idea to test telepathy between the two of us.

So tonight, at 5pm, we both sat down in a quiet place, a hundred miles apart, and at first one of us focused on an object for 5 minutes, while the other sat and attempted to tune in and pick up on what it was. We then took a five minute break before switching round for the next five minutes.

Very excited phone calls followed and we were both holding off from saying what we'd picked up on, savouring the moment to see if we had really discovered anything. Well, we had both made a few notes and picked up on more than one thing, and on one side, with me as the 'transmittor', the closest we got was an image of nail varnish (I was imagining a paint pallette and paint brush). However, there were some interesting finds when the roles were reveresed. I had written down several thoughts, in the order: house, pen, book, cheese, tree, sky/birds/clouds. As I was reading them through over the phone, I said before I said tree that 'this is where I started to feel like it meant something', and funnily enough, tree was correct! Admittedly, I had gone on to imagine looking up, and picturing the sky with birds and clouds and, though the tree was still in this picture, I had been more sure of this being the correct answer. Looking back though, it was the moment that a tree popped into my head that I first felt I was onto something. To add to that, apparently my friend had been looking frantically for a pen beforehand, and the funny thing is, that we also both saw a block of cheese, both thinking that the other person might be picturing it!

So admittedly it's not full on scientific proof, but I certainly wouldn't discount it. We have another psychic date booked for Thursday so please feel free to follow and see what this one holds as we will certainly be blogging about the outcome!

I think there are a couple of things to come out of this: firstly, we have both been learning to listen to and really follow our intuition, and this provided a test of that. I know I may be trying to believe here, but I was interested that I felt that burst of intuition when I saw a tree, and yet when I went on to see the sky, I don't know if my rational mind had taken over to try and develop the thought. Also, we both found it hard to prepare and have planned to take 15 minutes before the next session to meditate and get into 'the zone', as we both were flustered at ten to five today trying to find pens/quiet spots etc so it wasn't the ideal situation for diving deep into the interconnected realm!

I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes of more tests, and we are hoping if we get enough followers, you could get involved and we could devise some worldwide experiments, so please, if you find this kind of thing interesting, help spread the word and get involved! We are open to exploring anything...

Take care, until next time x